Is It Difficult to Repair a Front-Load Frigidaire Washer?

Repairing a Frigidaire front-load washing machine can be as easy as replacing a blown fuse in the circuit box or as complex as installing a new belt or motor. The difficulty of the repair depends on the cause of the problem.

If a Frigidaire front-load washer refuses to start, but the fuse is still good and the circuit switch is in the "On" position, the timer might not work. It is also possible that the display board and user control is defective. The timer is a fairly easy do-it-yourself replacement, but the user control and display board are more difficult repairs.

Loud sounds during operation indicate a difficult repair. Possible causes include faults in the drive motor bearings, the drive pump, the transmission, the water inlet valve or the drive belt, all of which require significant repair expertise. The clutch or the motor coupling may be faulty as well.