How Difficult Is It to Install Sliding Pocket Doors on Closets?

With pocket door kits available as of 2015, installation is easy and requires only basic hand tools. However, the process requires removal and replacement of drywall. An initial step in the planning process is determining if there is space in the adjacent wall to store the entire door when it is open.

Pocket doors work well in limited spaces and give residents access to an additional 10 square feet a swinging door requires for operation. The hardware to close the door retracts into it when it is open. Since the door slides completely into the wall, the full opening is available, giving better access to the space for people using wheelchairs, canes or walkers. They also allow the owner to see the full contents of a closet or other room without the door blocking the view. The new style of pocket door assembly has box tracks to prevent the rollers from derailing and causing the unit to malfunction.

Installation instructions vary by manufacturer and kit selected to install the door. Installers should read the directions for the kit thoroughly and ensure they know the process. If using an existing door, the design of the kit must fit the thickness of the door. Kits that include the door eliminate any fitting problems.