What Are Some Different Wooden Fence Styles?

What Are Some Different Wooden Fence Styles?

Wood fence styles include the split-rail, picket, post and rail, lattice, or privacy designs. Wood is a versatile material that lends itself to fence designs ranging from classic to modern, states BobVila.com.

Split-rail fences consist of long, rough-hewn beams into which the builder bores holes near the end so they slip over narrow posts. The original purpose of the split-rail fence was for keeping livestock in place. Black locust is the wood of choice for these fences as of 2015.

The classic white picket fence features horizontal rails that support thin rails. The fence features open spaces between the pickets for visibility. Builders often arrange the pickets to provide a graceful scallop.

Post and rail fences have horizontal rails between the support posts. This open fence is an updated version of the split rail fence. It defines a space while providing visibility.

Lattice fences feature heavy posts and top and bottom rails. The lattice consists of much lighter wood. The visibility this fence provides depends on the density of the boards that compose the lattice. The perpendicular intersections make it a good choice for containing small pets.

Property owners often install privacy fences around their backyards and patio areas. The design features closely spaced vertical boards with little to no visibility. The wood is often left natural to age due to the elements, although painting is an option.