What Are Some Different Ways to Use Plastic Crates?

Some different ways to use a plastic crate include using it as shelving, storage or as a small stool. Plastic crates can also be used as a planter or even to make a lighting fixture.

Instead of using a plastic crate for a single storage unit, consider placing multiple crates together against a wall and turning them into floating shelves. They are sturdy enough to hold most types of items, and due to the different holes, are easy to attach to the wall. To use the crate as a planter, line the inside with landscaping fabric or burlap. Add different types of flowers, plants or produce. It makes a good container for container gardening.

Turn plastic crates upside down as a quick seating option and dress them up for a more attractive stool. Cut plywood to fit over the top of the crate, securing it to the crate. Add foam to make it more comfortable, and cover that with fabric.