What Are Some Different Ways to Remove Shrubs From Your Yard?


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Ways of removing shrubs from a yard include pulling the shrubs out by hand and using a vehicle to pry up roots. The vehicle uproots the shrubs quickly, but it may not be suitable in remote areas, and it may damage grass lawns.

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To remove shrubs by hands, use sharp pruning shears to cut away branches above 20 inches from the soil, cut branches off the trunks, dig around the trunk until you reach the main root, and use an ax to cut and remove the root. If the root doesn't come out, continue digging to free the trunk, and pull out the trunk. Repeat the process for other large roots, and level the ground.

To pry up shrubs by vehicle, measure 20 inches from the ground, cut branches above the point leaving behind about five branches, break the earth up with a hoe, tie one terminal of a chain around the shrub's trunk and branches, and wet the ground around the shrub to ease pulling. Back a truck near the shrub, fasten the other end of the chain to the back of the truck, and pull forward gradually. Be sure to start with the side that has many roots. For roots still in the ground, cut through them with an ax or saw, and pull them out. Level the ground.

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