What Are Some Different Varieties of Petunias?

What Are Some Different Varieties of Petunias?

Hundreds of petunia varieties exist in contemporary horticulture, and these colorful blooming plants fall into four distinct categories based on how the flowers present themselves on the plant. Grandiflora petunias create large flowers 3 to 4 inches across, while multifloras make smaller flowers but more of them. Milliflora petunias create smaller flowers 1 to 1 1/2 inches across on smaller plants, and spreading petunias grow 6 inches tall but spread over a wide area.

A phantom petunia grows flowers that have black as the base color with five yellow stripes that go out from the center of the blooms. The yellow stripes form a "star" pattern are similar to a five-armed starfish. This variety of petunia grows well in container gardens.

The pink wave variety grows 6 inches tall before spreading out to form a bed of pink. This petunia also does well in hanging pots to create a cascade of color.

Primetime plum petunias feature fuchsia-colored blooms with veins that create a tree-like pattern across the petals. This variety also has a pleasant scent.

Bonanza petunies have double blossoms that range from purple and white to red and pink. This multiflora petunia type has hardier stems to withstand strong winds, while hybrid types stand up to harsh winter climates.