What Are Some Different Varieties of Lavender?


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There are 400 varieties and 39 species of lavender, divided into three families: English lavender, lavandin and Spanish lavender. The English lavender family contains the most common varieties of lavenders. Lavandins are bigger and produce flowers lighter in color than English lavenders. Spanish lavenders produce flowers that resemble pineapples.

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The plants included in the English lavender family are small and are commonly used for cooking. These plants can’t be used for mass harvesting due to their size.

Lavandins are the result of crossing English and spike lavender. Lavandins grow faster, taller and produce larger flowers than English lavenders, making them ideal for mass harvesting and production of oil for the perfume industry.

Spanish lavenders have shorter flower heads with large petals on top, creating the appearance of small pineapples. Spanish lavenders thrive in hot weather but are frost-intolerant, making them ideal for growing in pots.

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