What Are the Different Varieties of Coreopsis?

What Are the Different Varieties of Coreopsis?

The varieties of coreopsis flowers include Cranberry Ice, Early Sunrise, Fruit Punch and Citrine. Flower growers and nurseries are making new varieties of this particular flower almost yearly because of their popularity for gardeners. This species of flower generally blooms in summer and fall with an abundance of blooms, which hide most of the foliage.

Cranberry Ice is named for the colors that it has. It is a brilliant pink flower with white edges that look like frost on them. They are perennials in areas that do not have a hard frost. Otherwise, they need to be replanted every year.

Early Sunrise is a dwarf variety of the flower and does not last very long. They are yellow and only grow to about 15 inches high. These flowers are ideal for temperate zones four through nine.

Fruit Punch, much like the Cranberry Ice, is red and light-colored edges. These flowers have much more of a light edge on them, almost as if the edges have been painted instead of frosted. The color from a distance can seem like white on the edges, but on closer inspection can be seen to be pink.

The Citrine variety, like the Early Sunrise, is a dwarf variety of this flower. It is a brilliant yellow that really pops against the green foliage. They bloom constantly all summer and into the fall.