What Are the Different Vacuum Nozzles For?


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Many vacuums come with an extension wand to increase nozzle length, a crevice tool that fits into angled spaces, a brush attachment that reaches small spaces and an upholstery tool for cleaning soft furnishings. Some vacuums also come with a wide brush for cleaning hardwood, tile and laminate floors.

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The extension wand is a long, narrow, tubular attachment useful for cleaning ceilings and behind furniture and radiators. The crevice tool looks similar to the extension wand but has an angled tip for vacuuming in corners and along skirting boards.

The brush attachment is circular with soft bristles and is suitable for vacuuming smaller spaces such as mantelpieces and bookcases. The upholstery tool is rectangular and often features a red strip of fabric underneath. It picks up lint, dust and pet hair from soft furnishings, such as sofas and draperies.

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