What Are the Different Uses for Coffee Filters?


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Coffee filters are used for making coffee as well as cleaning windows, making tea bags, removing nail polish and other tasks. Coffee filters are made from small particles of highly absorbent paper, making them lint-free and handy around the house.

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Disposable and permanent coffee filters are commonly used to trap the coffee grounds in the drip brewing process. Filters can be made out of cloth, paper or metal. Paper filters are much more versatile than other types of filters because they can be used for many household tasks. SFGate suggests using paper coffee filters to clean mirrors and windows for a lint-free finish, and for straining wine that has a broken cork in the bottle.

Coffee filters can also be used as spacers between dishes in order to prevent damage when moving or storing. PopSugar recommends dabbing coffee filters with a bit of olive oil to clean the inside of a car, and it also suggests using a filter as a makeshift teabag for loose tea. Paper coffee filters can also be useful when placed in the bottom of flower pot containers to keep the soil from leaving the container, and they are great for absorbing oil on the face.

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