What Are Some Different Under Deck Systems?


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Types of under deck systems include UnderDeck ceiling system, under deck roofs and under deck drainage systems. These systems often work together to create a dry area for seating or storage.

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UnderDeck ceiling systems hides the joist and other less attractive areas on the underside of the structure. It gives the underside a clean and finished look. More importantly, it keeps rain and other elements from dripping down onto usable areas below the deck. This can added room for storage or seating areas. UnderDeck is made so that it won't rust, mold or fade. It is easy to clean, comes with a 15-year warranty, is removable for access to the deck and is made from exterior-grade PVC.

Under deck roofs are offered from many manufacturers, but can also be made as a DIY project. Homeowners can install fiberglass or PVC panels to put a roof on the underside of the deck. Whether they have a roof like UnderDeck put in or doing it as a home project, homeowners need to think about drainage. There are numerous systems for under deck drainage. They all function similarly, by diverting water to a gutter or along the outer band joist. Homeowners can have drainage that goes above the joist or below.

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