What Are Some Different Types of Wooden Measuring Cups?


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Some different types of wooden measuring cups are wooden measuring cups made by Windrush, wooden measuring cups from Ponders Old World Market and hand-carved wooden measuring spoons available from Kitchen Carvings. All of these measuring cups are available in cherry wood, while some are sold with additional wood type options.

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Wooden measuring cups are intended for use in cooking and baking to measure amounts of ingredients. WindrushOnline.com offers a selection of wooden measuring cups and spoons ranging from a small coffee spoon to a 1-cup measure.

The wooden measuring cups from PondersOldWorldMarket.com are available in cherry or maple wood and in sets of three or four cups. The four-cup set include a 1-cup measure, 1/2-cup measure, 1/3-cup measure and 1/4-cup measure, while the three-cup set omits the 1-cup measure. Because of the rustic, handmade design of these measuring cups, there may be some small variation in the exact size of each cup. However, the website asserts that the cups are still accurate enough for regular cooking and baking needs.

The hand-carved wooden measuring spoon offered on Remodelista.com is available in cherry, walnut, maple, sycamore and myrtle wood. This spoon is sold as an individual unit and is equal to a 1/2-cup measure.

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