What Are Some Different Types of Window Awnings?


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The main types of awnings for windows are the fixed awning and retractable awning. There are also other types of awnings, varying based on the material used and the overall style of the awning.

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Fixed awnings, also called stationary, are attached to the wall permanently. The awning does not move to offer more or less shade over the window. A fixed awning is good because it is very stable and works well with weather protection. On the downside, there is more maintenance involved. This is a better option for smaller windows. The retractable awning moves and can be opened or closed. It is convenient and offers multiple choices, but it is only good for larger windows.

The window awning covers also vary in the fabrics used. There is polyester, which is good for areas where inclement weather is an issue. Polyester works well at blocking the UV rays and has a low-maintenance quality. Cotton is another fabric option, which is water-resistant but requires a washing machine to get clean. There are also treatments for the window awning fabrics, including vinyl, laminate and acrylic coatings.

For fixed awnings, there are some multiple styles to choose from. These include the slope, crescent, dome, waterfall and oriental styles.

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