What Are Some Different Types of Westinghouse Antique Items?


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Types of Westinghouse antiques include fans, radios and refrigerators. Some companies, including Jowers Appliances, specialize in restoring antique refrigerators such as the 1949 Westinghouse. Westinghouse's antique ceiling fans date back to the early 1900s, with the earliest model being produced in 1909.

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In the early- to mid-1900s, Westinghouse was among several companies to produce tubes that were used in radios. Westinghouse also made its own radios, many of which are now considered antiques, such as the Model H718T5 AM tube radio. This radio was made in the mid-1900s and features a turquoise and cream color scheme. It also has gold detailing and knobs to adjust the clock and radio station.

One classic Westinghouse antique is the Model H-126 refrigerator radio. It dates back to 1946 and was designed to have the appearance of a mid-20th century mini refrigerator. This antique was called the "Little Jewel" and was available in four color options.

Westinghouse's most popular antiques are likely its motorized electric desk fans. Back when Nikola Tesla engineered motors to run on alternating current, Westinghouse was the first to employ the new technology in its fans. Westinghouse developed fans that featured four tear-drop shaped blades confined in a wire cage.

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