What Are Some Different Types of Well Caps?


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Well caps can be classified by both size and material. Most basic well caps range in size from 6 by 10 inches to 48 by 63 inches and are made of aluminum or plastic. More expensive well caps are often made of artificial rock to look like landscaping boulders, and there are cheaper plastic versions made to look like lawn decorations as well.

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Well caps are used to keep insects and pollutants from entering a well. They are often vented to allow pressure to equalize after pumping water out, and made to last. The well cap is a well's first line of defense against bugs and nonpoint source pollution such as pesticide and herbicide runoff and gasoline or oil from the street. Nonpoint source pollution makes up the majority of groundwater contamination, and choosing a well cap that fits correctly is vital to maintaining the water quality of a well.

The largest and most expensive well caps can cost over $600, but a $60 well cap can work just as well if properly fitted. To ensure water quality, well caps should be checked often for cracks or signs of tampering, and should be inspected professionally each year. Decorative coverings can serve to hide well caps, but should contain some sort of opening if the well cap is vented, to allow air flow.

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