What Are Some Different Types of Weber Grill Covers?

What Are Some Different Types of Weber Grill Covers?

The different types of Weber grill covers are based on the various series of models of the company’s products and include Weber Genesis Grill, Weber Summit Grill, Weber Spirit Grill, Weber Q Grill and Weber Charcoal Grill covers. Each series of the covers has several models that come in various sizes and materials, such as vinyl and steel. The company also classifies its grill covers under gas, charcoal and Weber Q.

While Weber has discontinued most of the Weber Genesis Grill models, it still offers covers for some. The Genesis 300 Series Grill Cover is one of the popular models in this category. Some covers for the discontinued models include Weber 7106 and Weber 7552.

Most of the models in the Weber Summit Grill series are no longer in production. Covers for the discontinued grills are difficult to find. Examples of covers under the category include Weber 9892 and Weber 7108, which fit the Summit Silver A and Summit E-420 grills respectively.

Weber produces Weber Spirit Grill covers with various specifications to match the wide range of grills in this series. The Weber 7106 cover, an example, is a perfect fit for the Weber Spirit 220 model. The company offers premium covers at higher prices.

The Weber 6552 Premium Grill Cover is an example of Weber Q Grill covers. The cover fits the Weber Q, Weber Q-200 and Weber Q-220 models. As with the other types, some grill covers in this category have special features to fit grills on carts.

Weber Charcoal Grill Covers include the Master-Touch 22 Charcoal Grill Cover, Weber Platinum Charcoal Grill and Weber 18 Charcoal Grill Cover.