What Are the Different Types of Washing Machines?

Different types of washing machines include front-load washing machines and top-load washing machines. Although there are variations and hybrid versions of these washers, front-load and top-load washers are the standard types. Front-load washers typically have more cost-saving ability, benefits and additional features than traditional top-load washers.

Front-load washing machines are ideal for small laundry rooms or areas that are tight on space. This type of washing machine has the ability to be stacked with an accompanying dryer to increase space. Front-load washers have a large capacity that allows users to wash bulky items easily or more items simultaneously, without limiting cleaning performance.

These washers are considered the most energy-efficient option as a result of using less water per load during each wash cycle. Front load washers do not use an agitator, which improves clothing life. The lack of an agitator eliminates the twisting and pulling that causes trauma to clothes.

The wash cycles on top-load washers are shorter than front-load washers and produce minimal vibration. These washers are cheaper than other washers and are easier to repair. Top-load washers also incorporate a simple and straightforward control panel, which is more intuitive for operation. This type of washing machine does not require squatting or bending to put clothes in or to take them out, which is an added convenience for some users.