What Are Different Types of Walk-in Shower Units?

What Are Different Types of Walk-in Shower Units?

Different types of walk-in shower units include self-contained shower units, showers with bathtubs and handicap-accessible showers. Walk-in showers also come in different styles, such as rustic, spa and doorless. Additional features are also available, such as Jacuzzi tubs, tiles, multiple shower heads and steam showers.

Standard self-contained shower units are upright enclosures with a door or a curtain to separate the unit from the rest of the room. Doors may be single or double, and can either open out to the bathroom or slide open or closed on a track. These shower units are available in a variety of sizes, from small units to large compartments to contain benches, shelving and other accessories.

Walk-in showers with bathtubs serve as either showering stalls or traditional bathtubs. These shower units save money and space, as they do not require separate purchases and installation areas for two different units. The shower-tub combination is the most widely utilized type of walk-in shower.

Handicapped-accessible walk-in showers make it easier for physically challenged users to maneuver into, within, and out of the shower. The shower floor is level with the ground for easy access. Bars and handrails installed along the shower walls provide support and facilitate movement.

Walk-in shower units are also available with built-in steam generators to offer an at-home sauna experience. Doorless showers are a popular feature among walk-in showers as they allow for more space with adequate water drainage.