What Are Some Different Types of Uniware Cookware?

Uniware manufactures aluminum, non-stick, stainless steel and enamel cookware, in addition to pressure cookers, coffee and tea pots and bakeware as of 2016. Various sizes of calderas, calderos and calderons with metal or glass lids and heavy aluminum sauce and stock pot sets are among its aluminum cookware. Uniware non-stick cookware includes griddles, frying pans, stir fry pans, stock pots and a double-handle casserole with tempered glass lid.

Seven-piece cookware sets, including one with variously sized pots with ceramic lids and a frying pan, are among Uniware's stainless steel cookware collection. Stainless steel pieces also include double steamers in three sizes and a number of stock and sauce pan sets. Stock pots, deep pots and roasters are among Uniware's enamel cookware pieces, available in bright red, white and blue exteriors, with a rose print or with a yellow polka dot design on white.

Uniware's bakeware includes metal and ceramic bread and meatloaf pans, rectangular baking dishes of various sizes and non-stick muffin trays, loaf pans and pizza pans. Spring form pans, bundt pans, cake pans and cookie sheets are also part of Uniware's bakeware collection. Coffee pots available from Uniware include stainless steel and aluminum espresso coffee machines, also available in red and black, and a French press coffee maker. These and other Uniware products are available at Uniwarestore.com.