What Are Some Different Types of Unfinished Wood Cut Outs?

What Are Some Different Types of Unfinished Wood Cut Outs?

Types of unfinished wood cut-outs include geometric shapes, representational shapes, letters/words and numbers, all in a variety of sizes and styles. Wood cut-out plaques are also available. Manufacturers construct wood cut-outs from hardwoods, softwoods and fiberboard.

Craftspeople use unfinished wood cut-outs for a variety of artistic techniques, including wood-burning, collage and decoupage. To wood-burn a cut-out, an artist uses a heated implement to decorate the wood's surface. The decorated wood can stand on its own as a finished piece, or the artist can incorporate it into a more complex work. Artists often apply pigment, wood stain and/or a sealant to finish a piece.

Artists assemble a variety of forms into a new whole to create a collage. Wood cut-outs provide a wide array of convenient pre-formed materials for collage. An artist can apply the wood cut-outs to a surface, apply other objects onto a wood cut-out or both to create his collage.

Decoupage enhances surfaces predominately with paper cut-outs. Artists seal each layer of applied paper with a varnish. Wood cut-outs act as effective and decorative decoupage bases, and the porous nature of wood readily accepts commonly used water-based decoupage glues.

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