What Are Some Different Types of True Seating Concepts Office Chairs?

Some types of True Seating Comfort Chairs include brands like Air Grid, Office Star, ZUO and Work Smart. The company designed these chairs with comfort and efficiency in mind.

The Air Grid chairs are known for their mesh seats and backs for air circulation, and they include many ergonomic designs for comfort, including lumbar support and a seat slider to adjust the depth of the chair seat. The Air Grid chairs include a four-way adjustable armrest to offer comfort in any position.

Office Star chairs feature a tilt design that moves the back two degrees of tile for every degree of tilt on the seat. They also have lumbar support and height-adjustable armrests.

The ZUO chairs are wrapped with soft leatherette to conform to any body shape and have a sleek design. They can also come without armrests.

Work Smart chairs include thick padding, lumbar support, padded armrests and locking tilt control with adjustable tilt tension.

These chairs also have a stylish modern look. Most of the brands include either low back seats for offices or high back seats for conference style seating. Many of the styles include dual wheel carpet casters for strength and durability. All the brands have seat-height adjustments for the best ergonomic seating position.