What Are Some Different Types of Tree Species?


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Trees are either deciduous, ones that drop their leaves during autumn, or coniferous, characterized by needle-like leaves that do not drop off annually. Deciduous trees include the walnut, beech, hackberry, linden and elm. Conifers, often referred to as evergreens, include varieties such as spruce, fir and pine.

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Maple trees are native to the far east and range in height from 20-foot ornamental varieties to 100-foot shade trees. Many oak tree varieties are native to North America including the red oak, swamp white oak and the bur oak, which lives as long as 300 years.

The ginkgo tree is the oldest known species of tree on earth, traced through fossils dating back 270 million years. Its distinctive fan-shaped leaf is unlike any other leaf type. A slow-growing deciduous tree, the ginkgo is a shade tree with a yellow fall color and no insect pests.

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