What Are the Different Types of Thetford Toilet Diagrams?


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Thetford has two types of diagrams for the toilets that it manufactures: the single product diagram and the high and low product diagram. The single product diagram shows a single fully assembled toilet. The other diagram shows both a high and a low seated version of a toilet.

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Thetford maintains diagrams for each toilet on the individual product pages of its website, which can be located by clicking Products and then Toilets from the website's navigation bar. In addition to the diagram, each product page lists number codes and descriptions of parts, along with videos for use, care, maintenance and installation.

The company also provides toilet diagrams in the owner's manual for each product, which can be located by clicking Support and then Product Manuals from the website's navigation bar. Owner's manuals also include product dimensions, troubleshooting tips and information about where to call for service. Various parts sales and repair companies, such as Caracamp, also provide Thetford toilet diagrams.

Thetford also sells some toilet repair kits that include diagrams of small sections of the toilet on a larger scale, making it easier for individuals to see the part of the toilet that needs repair. These diagrams are listed online with the owner's manuals.

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