What Are Some Different Types of Teardrop Flags?


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Different types of teardrop flags include ground spike, car foot and water base models. Some companies also sell teardrop flags with a long tail hanging off of the top for some added flair. A ground spike teardrop flag features a metal spike at the bottom that drives into the ground to secure the flag in place. Car foot models come with a base that slides underneath the tire of a vehicle.

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A water base teardrop flag comes with a water bag placed on top of the flag's base to keep it from falling over. Water bases work well for indoor use since they do not involve digging any holes into the ground or securing the base with a vehicle tire. A flag with a tail extending off of the top of the blade gives the flag some added visibility, especially outdoors as the tail flies in the wind.

Businesses use teardrop flags for a wide range of promotional purposes, ranging from advertising sales to promoting special events. The flags offer a convenient, hassle-free way to help businesses increase visibility. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport and set up, and they are usually made of durable materials that allow them to withstand moderate weather conditions.

Many companies, such as Displays2go and E-Z UP, allow businesses to order custom-made flags in a variety of colors for any purpose. Some companies also have flags with more generic phrases, such as "Sale!" or "Grand Opening!," pre-made for quick purchase.

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