What Are Different Types of Teacup Display Stands?


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Tea cup display stands are usually wood, acrylic or metal and come in tree-type shapes, ones that look like tiny shelves or designs that even hang on a wall. The trick, and part of the fun, is finding the right stand to match the decor of a home and making sure the stand doesn't overpower the room.

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Wood tea stands are often some of the simplest. Some look like tiny trees with branches spread out to hold the cups. The trees can be plain wood or painted in various styles. Another type of wooden stand looks like miniature shelves. Each compartment is big enough to hold one cup and saucer. Some designs even have room for the tea pot.

Acrylic stands look very modern. They usually have clean, simple lines and come in a variety of colors. For example, a light green or yellow stand would work well in a garden-themed kitchen. A clear stand, or one with just a hint of smoke, goes well in a minimalist-style kitchen with an abundance of white. It wouldn't "jump out" at guests when they enter the room.

Metal tea cup stands are often ornate and found in old-fashioned homes. They are usually made of thick wires or rods twisted into the desired shapes. Sometimes, these tea cup stands are wall-mounted. Some stands hold only the cups, while others also have room for the saucers.

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