What Are Some Different Types of Tabletop Stands?


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Tabletop stands used for display range from wood, metal or acrylic easels to weighted bases that hold pull-up banners braced against a slender support pole. Card holders for names, menus or table numbers include pinch or clip stands -- typically chrome -- ring stands topped by a wire spiral that holds the card or sign, and slotted bases with a slit for a piece of card stock. Additional tabletop stands include those for microphones and cakes.

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Easel stands made of wood usually look like miniature traditional artists' easels. They may hold equally tiny painted canvases in a shop, messages for guests at a sign-in table or name cards at a luncheon. Hinged or fixed slanted wire stands are lightweight and inexpensive. Sturdier metal alternatives include aluminum tripods and hinged brass book or picture holders.

Acrylic tabletop easels are molded clear plastic supports with a lip on the front. The one-piece fixed stand is slanted slightly to display the material for seated or standing viewers. Smaller cards or table numbers stick up from a pincer clip or nested spiral on a metal base. The whole thing is compact enough to take up very little room on a crowded table.

Tabletop advertising displays may be attached to a fold-up or pull-up rod supported by a stable base. But banners may also be customized to wind around rollers hidden in the base, pulled up for viewing and rewound for storage.

Conference or event sound equipment gets specific tabletop holders, usually a fixed or swivel base microphone holder or directional mic tripod for shared microphones. Traditional cake stands are typically footed flat pedestals that hold one cake or pie, or numerous cupcakes or other individual desserts at a festive meal.

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