What Are Some Different Types of Table Tents?


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Different types of table tents include the tent setup, the flip book, framed tents and custom tents. Table tents are a form of printed advertising material that is displayed on individual tables in bars, restaurants and other venues. The tent setup is the most basic form, usually a single piece of material folded so that the "tent" stands freely on the table. A customer may move the tent out of the way or pick it up to read.

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A flip book tent is also designed so it fits on a table but it has pages that flip back and forth. This tent works well for a drink, appetizer or daily special menu. The restaurateur just changes the pages as needed. The flip book tent is mounted in a frame or on a base.

Framed tents are based on regular picture frames. The modern version is the clear plastic all in one option which sandwiches a printed ad between two clear layers. These work well for advertisements that must be frequently changed. The initial cost is for the frames, but they accept basic paper inserts, which helps with the budget. Framed tents are sometimes used to replace regular menus at small diners.

Custom tents are the priciest and when designed well can be most impressive. Instead of being limited to the typical triangular shape, these tents come in all shapes and sizes, such as pyramids and cubes. These decorative tents work well in higher-end restaurants and are sometimes used for seating assignments at wedding receptions or business functions.

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