What Are Some Different Types of Storm Door Hardware?

A few different kinds of storm door hardware include handles for the inside and outside and locks, latches and pet grilles. Other hardware can include top brackets and door closers.

Indoor and outdoor handles can be made of metals such as nickel or wood or a combination of both. They are usually bought as sets that include locks, keys and latches. A wide variety of handles are available including quick-install versions that can be installed in 45 minutes. Different kinds of latches are needed for wooden and metal doors, such as push-button latches and those requiring a key.

Pet grilles protect the screen door and provide easy access for pets and most varieties include installation hardware, are made of steel and have powder coated paint. A pneumatic door closer for screen and storm doors prevents the damage caused to the door frame and the door by repeatedly banging shut. Door closers close the door silently and softly and different varieties are available for medium and heavy duty use. Aluminium wire meshes for storm doors are durable, easy to install and come with installation instructions. A riveted mesh is not easily pushed out of the door frame by pets and children and most varieties can be cut to fit specific door sizes.