What Are Some Different Types of Stainless Steel Tables?


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Different types of stainless steel tables include food preparation tables, food service tables, work tables and scientific tables. Stainless steel tables are available in various sizes, styles, gauges and finishes.

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What Are Some Different Types of Stainless Steel Tables?
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Stainless steel tables used for food preparation are typically found in restaurants and other commercial settings. They are even, easy to clean and do not incur damage from knives and other utensils. Commonly known as kitchen work tables, stainless steel food preparation tables usually have shelving or hooks on the undersides, while enclosed kitchen work tables include built-in cabinets. Stainless steel food service tables include steam tables and cold foods tables. These tables have drop-down inlays, also made of stainless steel, where smaller pans or bins of prepared foods are displayed for serving.

Work tables made of stainless steel are mainly used for various carpentry or home improvement projects, such as using the solid, even surface for measuring and cutting materials, drafting blueprints and using different solvents or solutions near the non-porous surface. Work tables are also used by gardeners, seamstresses and artists.

Scientific stainless steel tables are used in medical and experimental settings. Physicians, scientists and medical examiners perform procedures, experiments, autopsies and examine specimens on stainless steel tables because the material does not contaminate results, is non-absorbent and is easily sterilized.

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