What Are Some Different Types of Stainless Steel Shelving?


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Some different types of stainless steel shelving include flat, louvered, wire shelves and triangle shelves. Each type of stainless steel shelf is designed to suit a different type of environment and space.

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What Are Some Different Types of Stainless Steel Shelving?
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Rectangular, solid stainless steel shelves are made from a single, flat sheet of steel. These shelves are attached to posts that may stand stationary or have rollers attached to the bottom. Rolling shelves are easy to move through a space and function as a storage space or as a work trolley.

Louvered shelves are similar to flat shelves; however, louvered shelves are designed with evenly spaced holes along the top surface. The holes allow for drainage and air circulation, allowing for safer storage of perishables and items that need to be kept at a certain temperature. Louvered shelves are often available in the same dimensions as flat shelves.

Wire shelves are not made from a solid sheet but are instead constructed from a series of small steel tubes that form a flat surface out of slats. Wire shelves have gaps to allow for air flow. Stainless steel wire shelves are a good choice for outdoor or humid environments, as they do not rust. Triangle shelves are similarly made from steel wires, although they are triangular instead of rectangular. This allows triangle shelves to be placed in corners and tight spaces to maximize visible storage.

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