What Are Some Different Types of Stainless Steel Pans?


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Different types of stainless steel pans include frying pans, roasting pans and skillets with or without lids. There are also saucepans, with or without lids, and sauté pans. Some stainless steel pans also have copper or aluminum cores to help them conduct or retain heat, or nonstick interiors.

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There are differences between these types of pans. A skillet has sides that flare out, while a sauté pan has sides that are fairly deep and vertical. It also has a bottom that is wide and flat. Because of this, a 12 inch sauté pan has more room that a 12-inch skillet.

Generally, a sauté pan can hold sometimes considerably more food than a skillet of the same diameter, and usually weighs more if it is made of the same material. A frying pan is basically the same as a skillet.

Like a sauté pan, a saucepan has straight sides and a flat base. It also has one long handle, and is made to simmer and boil liquids. A saucepan is heavy for its size, and a very large one should also have a helper handle opposite the long handle. A roasting pan is a large, low-sided rectangle. The sides are low to allow the food to be heated evenly in the oven. Usually, the pan comes with a rack that lifts the food above the bottom of the pan.

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