What Are Some Different Types of Sonitrol Security Systems?

What Are Some Different Types of Sonitrol Security Systems?

Intrusion detection, facility access control, video surveillance and fire detection are some of the different types of Sonitrol security systems. The company also offers a nationwide network system that centralizes the management of dispersed facilities.

The intrusion detection system uses sound-based alarms and monitoring personnel to detect and respond to intrusions such as break-ins. The monitoring personnel inform the police when they verify that an incoming alarm is connected to an intrusion.

Sonitrol’s access control system tracks and restricts access to a facility or designated areas within the facility. The system uses electronic locks, badges, or cards and readers to establish if a person is authorized to enter the premises. The company classifies the system into Managed Access and eAccess. In the Managed Access solution, Sonitrol manages the system from its centers while the owner handles the movement of people within the facility. The eAccess solution gives the owner full control.

The video surveillance system uses digital technology for continuous, automated recording of an area or property. This system also involves Sonitrol operators who monitor the videos and respond accordingly.

The company’s fire detection system performs the detection of fires, as well as verification and response. Some of the solutions under this system include smoke and heat detection, water flow and sprinkler monitoring, temperature monitoring and duct detection. Other solutions include elevator recalls and voice evacuation systems.

For dispersed facilities, Sonitrol offers network solutions that allow clients convenient, centralized access to all the installed systems.