What Are Some Different Types of Small Folding Tables?

What Are Some Different Types of Small Folding Tables?

There are many types of folding tables, such as small round or square folding tables for card games or parties, long rectangular folding tables for banquets, T-leg cafeteria folding tables, personal dinner folding tables, and highboy folding tables for special events. Folding tables also come in a variety of materials, such as plywood, wicker, resin or plastic.

Small folding tables for card games come in several standard sizes according to the number of people that fit comfortably when seated around the table; 34 inches to 72 inches are common measurements, with each table size occurring in graduated increments of 6 to 12 inches. Prices vary between roughly $20 to $240 as of 2016.

Rectangular banquet and conference tables are available in sizes that range from about 48 inches to 96 inches in length, with a general width of roughly 30 inches. There are also narrow rectangular folding tables for seminars, such as for presenting literature, with an average width of roughly 18 inches and lengths between approximately 60 inches to 96 inches.

Cafeteria folding tables include versions with attached folding stools or benches. Round four-bench mobile cafeteria tables are a smaller, rolling alternative. Personal folding dinner tables are alternatively known as folding dinner trays and effectively double as small work tables.

Highboy folding tables for food service events are typically taller than the average height of folding tables and mimic pub tables that guests stand around.