What Are Some Different Types of Shower Walls?

Some different types of shower walls include fiberglass, acrylic, ceramic or porcelain tile, and stone or stone tile. In deciding which material is best for a particular shower, the consumer should consider cost, ease of maintenance and appearance.

One-piece fiberglass units are a popular choice for showers. Alternatively, fiberglass walls also come in a three-panel kit. Comparatively inexpensive, fiberglass makes an attractive if rather plain simple option. They are easy to install and require no sealing or grouting. Fiberglass walls generally do not last as long as other types of shower walls, and they tend to yellow over time. Color options are limited with fiberglass.

Acrylic walls, though a little more expensive than fiberglass, are still an economical choice. More durable than fiberglass, acrylic walls resist scratching better and need fewer repairs. Its nonporous nature makes it more stain-resistant as well. Many color choices exist.

Porcelain and ceramic tile offer many decorative options and make a beautiful shower that the consumer may customize to taste. Tile is easy to clean, but the grout used with it is harder to maintain. One must also make certain the tile is water-resistant. The cost varies but is generally higher than that of acrylic and fiberglass.

Stone is the most expensive and luxurious choice. It is also harder to clean and maintain, requiring regular sealing. Stone is not as durable as tile, but it offers any bathroom a lovely customized designer look.