What Are Some Different Types of Shower Heads Offered by Speakman?

As of 2015, Speakman offers a wide variety of shower head styles, including Hotel, Reaction, Icon, Retro and Neo shower heads. Other shower heads include Vintage, Ranier, Assan, Edge and Tiber, along with square and round rain shower heads. Speakman also makes handheld shower heads and combination shower systems, including Caspian, Alexandria and Napa.

One type of Speakman shower head, called the Neo, is available as a regular shower head, a handheld shower head and a combination shower system. The Neo has five patented jets and 12 center massage sprays that, with a turn of the shower head's faceplate, produce over 50 customized streams. The Neo combination shower system is both a handheld and a fixed shower head. Users can switch between the two shower heads with the included shower diverter.

Another type of Speakman shower head, called the Reaction, is ideal for low water pressure situations. This shower head features a single setting that concentrates water pressure, giving a powerful spray. Most Speakman shower heads, including the Reaction, are available in several finishes.

Speakman specializes in making showers a unique experience. The company, which started in 1869, engineers shower heads, faucets and other accessories. Speakman offers products for consumers, commercial entities and hotels.