What Are Some Different Types of Roofing Underlayment?


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Three basic types of roofing underlayment include asphalt-saturated felt, rubberized asphalt and non-bitumen synthetic underlayment. Asphalt-saturated felt paper is a common underlayment for residential roofs with steep slopes.

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Felt underlayment is often made from organic or fiberglass substrate and offers significant water resistance without being completely waterproof. Rubberized asphalt is self-sealing, making installation a simpler procedure, and manufacturers commonly design rubberized asphalt to be heat-resistant.

Roofing contractors choose non-bitumen synthetic underlayment when they wish to enjoy the strength and elasticity that asphalt-based materials don't provide. Professionals in the construction and roofing industries often use the term "polymer-modified bitumen materials" to refer to any synthetic roofing material that doesn't contain asphalt.

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