What Are the Different Types of Rivets Available?


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The different types of rivets available include blind rivets, solid rivets, drive rivets and split rivets. Other types of rivets include semi-tubular and tubular rivets. A rivet has a shaft with a head on one end, and upon installation, the shaft expands to bind objects together.

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Solid rivets have half-rounded heads and straight round pins. They are tamper-proof and resistant to vibration. To install a solid rivet, drill a hole on both materials, and hammer the blank to draw the two pieces of materials together and form a secure joint. A solid rivet requires access to the joint from both sides of the materials. Blind rivets are easier to install than solid rivets because installation occurs from one side of the materials. They have hollow tubular pins and are ideal for lighter applications.

A drive rivet is a type of blind rivet with a center pin that enters the body of the rivet during installation. The pin causes the other end of the rivet to widen and secure materials together. Semi-tubular and tubular rivets have heads and holes on opposite sides. They are relatively easy and fast to fix and provide strong joints. Split rivets have split shafts and are ideal for soft materials such as wood, plastic and leather.

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