What Are Some Different Types of Residential Metal Siding?


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Some of the types of residential metal siding are aluminum, steel, zinc and copper. There is also a metal siding option with a polyvinyl chloride base coating for easier painting.

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Metal sidings are ideal for contemporary homes. They are advantageous because they are quite durable and require little maintenance. They are available in various styles and can even be designed to look like wood siding. They are fireproof and do not require painting. However, metal siding with paint-compatible polyvinyl chloride base coating is easier to paint, making it ideal for homeowners who wish to change paint colors in the future.

Seamless steel siding can be made to resemble wood and cut to the exact measurements of the home. This gives it a finished and seamless look. However, extra long panels can be difficult to install. Homeowners who are eco-conscious can purchase metal siding made from recycled materials.

The different types of metal siding, including copper, zinc, aluminum and various types of steel, are available in different shapes, sizes and edges. Aluminum is light and dents easily when struck. Steel is susceptible to corrosion if raw edges are exposed, making it unsuitable for salt environments. The surface of weathering steel and copper may change with time due to exposure to weather elements, but it maintains its factory finish.

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