What Are Some Different Types of Replacement Parts for Lamps?


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Some different types of replacement parts for lamps include sockets, cords, plugs, fixtures and switches. The most common replacement part for a lamp is a light bulb; check to make sure that the light bulb is okay before embarking on a quest to repair an otherwise healthy lamp.

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To replace a lamp socket, remove the socket shell from the base, cut the wires to remove the socket, and loosen the setscrew to unscrew the base. Types of replacement sockets include gilt and brass, nickel, phenolic, porcelain, candelabra sockets and more. Choose the appropriate socket for your lamp.

Cord insulation can become stiff and brittle over time and can deteriorate to the point of becoming a fire hazard. Remove the old cord by cutting the cord at the socket and pulling it out. Insert a grommet into the cord hold; a grommet protects the new cord from chafing against the lamp material. Buy a cord that's attached to a plug to save yourself the trouble of purchasing and assembling more individual parts. Use an 18-gauge cord for lamps that require 840 watts of lighting or less, or bring your lamp to a repair shop if it requires more than 840 watts.

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