What Are Some Different Types of Reindeer Wood Patterns?


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Reindeer wood patterns include large yard decorations, three-dimensional tabletop accessories, and small broaches or ornaments. Several outdoor reindeer patterns focus on white, simple outline displays with flat bodies. The legs, antlers and tails connect at right angles to make 3-D figures.

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Some outdoor reindeer patterns are life-size. This idea is also extended to create a yard decoration with reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh. A similar style uses five and one-half sheets of plywood to create a yard decoration 15 feet high. Two-dimensional crafts include cartoon-style plywood reindeer hung on a fence. Cut with a jigsaw, these decorations are more colorful than their stylized white cousins.

Wooden reindeer for outdoor use can also serve useful purposes. Woodworkers trace, saw and assemble simple reindeer bodies to create planters, which hold greenery in their crate-like bodies.

Smaller wood reindeer patterns include 3-D tabletop decorations that stand up by themselves. Woodworkers typically complete this type of room accessory using a band saw. Tinier versions, cut with a scroll saw, become knickknacks, pins to wear or Christmas tree decorations, and, while they are fragile if dropped, experienced woodworkers find them easy to create. These styles often have neck ribbon embellishments and bead noses attached with craft glue.

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