What Are Different Types of Purple Flowers?


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Different types of purple flowers include violets, pasqueflowers, penstemons and vetches. Violets are purple-bluish flowers that are so hardy and common that some locations classify them as invasive. However, they are a welcome addition to the gardens of many homeowners. They do best in rich, well-drained soil in sunny spots.

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The pasqueflower is the state flower of South Dakota and grows in abundance in meadows and prairies. Its flowers are bell-shaped, though made up of sepals as opposed to petals. There are around 33 species of pasqueflower, which gets its name because it tends to bloom around Easter. Native Americans used the plant medicinally, and it is toxic if not taken with care.

Penstemons have tubular flowers that bloom from early summer to mid-fall. They are easy to grow and prefer sunny locations. Some cultivars are frost tender, while others are hardy perennials. The "Raven" cultivar has lush purple blooms with white throats.

The American vetch is a legume with pea-like flowers that grow in racemes. As a vine, it uses delicate tendrils to wind around supports. The vine grows from 1 to 3 feet and blooms from May to September in open forests and other places. The American vetch is a perennial found in most of North America.

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