What Are Different Types of Power Switches?

Some different types of power switches include the toggle switch, push-button switch, selector switch and joystick switch. All of these switches can appear in residential homes.

The toggle switch requires a lever that angles in at least one of two positions. It is possible to have more than two available positions with this type of switch. In most cases, the toggle switch rests in any of the available positions; however, some models spring back to the normal position.

A push-button switch has only two positions and turns on when the user presses or releases the button. Inside this switch is an internal spring that returns the switch to its initial position. Some of these switches feature mushroom-shaped buttons to make them easier to manipulate.

The selector switch uses a rotary knob or lever of some sort to choose positions. This switch is similar to the toggle switch because it can rest in any of its positions.

A joystick switch can move in more than one direction or plane. There are multiple contacts inside this switch, and the electrical current changes depending on the direction in which the user pushes the joystick; the amount of force exerted can also affect the current. Joystick switches are often used for robotics.