What Are Some Different Types of Pool Lighting Fixtures?


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When choosing an underwater pool lighting fixture, pool owners must first decide if they want halogen, LED or fiber optic lighting. Next, they need to choose between flush-mounted or surface-mounted lights.

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What Are Some Different Types of Pool Lighting Fixtures?
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Until recently, halogen lights have been much more popular than LED lights, because they were cheaper, brighter, and easier to service, explains My Perfect Pool. As of 2015, however, LED lights have made great strides in brightness and affordability. They are an excellent option for pool owners that want to save on their utility bills.

Fiber optic lights typically are more expensive than the other two options, and they need more upkeep, but they do have other advantages, reports Improvenet. They are easy to install and replace, and they can be used underwater, around the pool or to accent waterfalls. They can also change color.

Flush-mounted lights are installed inside the wall of a pool in a small recess called a niche. They are the most popular option with modern pool owners, explains My Perfect Pool, because they look more sleek and are less likely to be broken by swimmers. Surface-mounted lights generally are easier to install than other types, but they stick out and can be easily broken.

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