What Are Some Different Types of Plug Outlet Adapters?


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Adaptors that convert a single outlet to a two-, three- or six-plug outlet, travel adaptor plugs, socket-to-plug adaptors, and outlet adaptors with USB ports are some of the different types of plug outlet adaptors. There are also variations within each of these types.

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Retailers offer single- to multiple-outlet plug adaptors in cubed, rectangular and three-point shapes suitable for different applications. Double- to triple-prong adaptors provide grounding for safety. Outlet-to-socket and socket-to-outlet adaptors allow users to connect plug outlets with lightbulbs. Another type of adaptor screws into a lightbulb socket and provides two outlets and an additional lightbulb socket. Some adaptors receive only flat plugs, and others hold both flat and round plugs.

Travel adaptor plugs convert outlets for use in different countries. Travel adaptors convert U.S. power to the electrical output used in one or more different geographical regions. Some retailers offer universal travel plug adaptors for worldwide use. Travelers may need to carry converters for appliances in addition to adaptors.

Wall-hugging outlet adaptors offer a side-plug feature, so users can push furniture flush against the adaptor without bending cords. Retailers also sell plug outlet adaptors that feature USB ports that are either extension cords or wall plug-in types. Office supply companies offer surge protector cords with up to 10 plug outlets, and many of them feature USB ports.

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