What Are Some Different Types of Plastic Tubes?

Types of plastic tubes include polyurethane tubing, nylon tubes, polyvinyl chloride or PVC tubing, metric plastic tubing, and flexible plastic hosing. Each type of plastic tube has a specific use and includes several sub-types. For example, polyurethane tubing has a high melting point and is popularly used in machines. Because of high demand for polyurethane tubing, it comes in various forms such as reinforced coiled or multi-bored.

PVC tubing combines extreme flexibility and durability. This type of plastic tubing has a smooth interior and exterior so liquid, gas and mass can move easily and smoothly through it. PVC tubing typically also comes in a reinforced variety for more strenuous work, and it isn't affected by bacteria.

Metric plastic tubing features a specific formula of plastic that resists cracking, bending and splitting. The extra sturdy metric plastic construction resists kinks and damaging abrasions, making it the ideal type of tubing for jobs where it is exposed to open air and could be damaged by being jostled, bent or run over. The high intensity of the jobs for which metric plastic tubing is often used necessitates varieties such as static dissipative tubing that resists static electricity and controls unwanted electric static discharge.