What Are Some Different Types of Plastic Boxes?

What Are Some Different Types of Plastic Boxes?

Different types of plastic boxes include household storage boxes, food storage boxes, display cases and boxes for party or shower favors. Plastic boxes are available in various shapes, sizes, styles and strengths of material.

Plastic boxes for household storage are typically the largest and are made of a thick, durable material. Household items kept in plastic boxes include clothing, holiday decorations, office supplies, blankets and toys. These boxes also have lids that latch or snap, and some plastic boxes also offer handles for easy lifting.

Plastic boxes strictly used for storing food are made from different types of plastic, including polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. These boxes typically range in size from an 1/8-cup container for condiments to 3-gallon bins for soups, sauces or foods made in large quantities for an event or holiday.

Display cases are a popular choice of plastic box for collectibles and souvenirs, such as baseballs, trading cards, flags, medals and trophies. Display cases are available in an extremely vast selection of sizes, starting with dime-sized, circular or square cases for pins or coins, to cases that stretch from floor to ceiling in height.

Party and shower favors are commonly prepared in plastic boxes of various shapes and styles, with some offering a tint of color to suit particular themes. Some plastic boxes are also available in kits with themed caps, bows and foil filler paper. Candies, nuts, keepsakes and cookies are all popular items for plastic favor boxes.