What are some different types of pink Depression glassware?


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Different types of pink Depression glassware include a pink sugar bowl in an avocado pattern whose manufacturer is unknown, as was true with much glassware made during the era. There's also a wine goblet made by Anniversary, a vegetable bowl with a bubble pattern, and a pink cake plate with a sunflower pattern whose producer is also unknown.

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Other items were pink salad bowls, pitchers, creamers, cups and saucers, and covered butter plates. Manufactures also produced pink vases, cookie jars, relish plates, soup bowls and cereal bowls.

Jeanette Glass Company, founded in 1887, made many items of Depression glassware, including glassware for the kitchen. Among the patterns most often found in pink were Adam, Cherry Blossom, Sunflower, Floral and Holiday. Others were Homespun and Swirl. The company also made ribbed glassware called Jennyware, which was often in pink.

Fostoria also made pink kitchen glassware, but also made other Depression housewares from pink glass, including ashtrays in Fairfax pink and cigarette boxes in 2427- pink.

Depression glassware was often very inexpensive or even free, and some manufacturers, such as Quaker Oats, would put pieces of the glassware in boxes of their product. Theaters and movie houses would also give patrons pieces of glassware just for showing up.

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