What Are Some Different Types of Memory Foam Mattresses?


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Three of the most common types of memory foam mattresses include standard or traditional, gel-infused, and plant-based. Each type has its own set of unique pros and cons. Deciding on a type of memory foam is a matter of personal taste.

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What Are Some Different Types of Memory Foam Mattresses?
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Traditional memory foam is typically made with a petroleum-based polyurethane, so the chemicals and possible off-gassing may be a concern. It contours to the user's body, distributing weight uniformly and relieving pressure points, and is thought to be beneficial for circulation.

Memory foam mattresses also reduce sleep disruption caused by a partner's tossing and turning because their movements are absorbed. A major detriment of the traditional type is that it retains heat. Traditional memory foam can also be expensive, although prices greatly vary depending on quality and name brand.

Gel mattresses are typically standard foam mattresses that have been injected with the same kind of gel that is used in shoe sole inserts. The gel beads are meant to draw the heat away from the user, but newer studies suggest that this might not be a valid claim because gel tends to absorb neighboring temperatures. Gel mattresses are also more durable than traditional, and some feel that they are even better at lessening pressure.

Plant-based memory foam mattresses are more environmentally friendly and give off few, if any, emissions. Since they do not yield due to body heat like the other options, their response and recovery times are both faster. This type of memory foam mattress is harder to find than the other varieties and is not always accessible locally.

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