What Are the Different Types of Medeco Locks?

What Are the Different Types of Medeco Locks?

Medeco makes 13 types of locks, including deadbolts, rim and mortise cylinders, SFIC locks, and key management systems as of 2015. The company also makes padlocks, international cylinders, cam locks and switch locks.

Medeco describes its deadbolt locks as providing the greatest degree of strength, with multiple grades and variously sophisticated deadbolt mechanisms including the Maxum deadbolt and the Classic CLIQ deadbolt. The company's rim and mortise cylinder locks are designed to provide modern key control solutions for retrofit cylinder formats.

Medeco manufactures key-in-knob cylinder locks to retrofit knob type cylindrical locks and lever type cylindrical locks. Individual product models include the Classic CLIQ KIK/KIL and the Medeco XT KIK/KIL.

The company also manufactures interchangeable core cylinder locks that allow non-technical personnel to change lock cores using a specially developed control key. These locks come in both large format interchangeable core systems and small format interchangeable core systems.

Medeco's T21 key management system is a standalone solution to managing multiple key and lock combinations in a single location. The company also produces a variety of padlocks such as the Protector II and System Series padlock. Each model of Medeco padlock is designed to meet different needs, such as durability to inclement weather or resistance to drilling and prying attacks. The company also produces specialized locks for vending equipment and parking meters.