What Are Some Different Types of McCullough Chainsaws?

McCulloch produces a variety of gasoline powered and electric chainsaws. As of 2015, only four models of gasoline chainsaws are available in the United States, while international customers have 11 gasoline and 12 electric chainsaws from which to choose.

In the United States, McCulloch sells the 34.4 cubic centimeter, 1.4 horsepower CS 340 and the 38.2 cubic centimeter, 1.9 horsepower CS 380. The company also offers the CS 410 Elite, which features a 40.9 cubic centimeter cylinder displacement and a power output of 2.1 horsepower, and the CS 450 Elite, which has a 45.7 cubic centimeter cylinder displacement and outputs 2.7 horsepower.

McCulloch's electric chainsaws are available in power ratings that range from 1800 to 2000 watts. The company also produces three models of inline chainsaws, which range in power rating from 1650 to 2200 watts. Other electric chainsaws produced by McCulloch include the 1800 watt PowerMac Plus 1800, the 1900 watt E Pro Mac 1900 and the 2200 watt E Pro Mac 2200.

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1943, McCulloch released its first chainsaw, the Model 5-49, in 1948. Black and Decker bought the McCulloch brand in 1974 and sold it to a private company in 1984. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1999, McCulloch sold off its European and North American operations, both of which are owned by Husqvarna as of 2015.